Nov 25, 2018
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Written by My name is YingJian (赢剑), Malaysian born in July, 1981 at Kuala Lumpur.

Hi there, welcome to My name is YingJian (赢剑), Malaysian born in July, 1981 at Kuala Lumpur. 

Brought up by a typical Chinese family and was sent to Chinese school during my school day. As you can see, I am a typical Chinese man with Chinese educated. Please forgive me or don’t even laugh at me if you find any error in my writting. Because it is common. 

The purpose of this site

I purchased this domain sometimes ago.  That time, I just would like to try out some word press function as some job task given by the company. I may explain why I need to do this moving forward & that job no longer under job scope. I seem to be a waste & I hope that I can able to fully utilize this site to write about my own blog.

Rather than say there is no purpose of this site. I would use this site to talk about workplace that I currently dealing with. 

Last but not the least

I think I shouldn’t be too long winded on my first introduction post. I should focus my attention to talk more under my ABOUT ME page. I hope it will be my amazing journey to learn how to write a blog. Thank you

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