Nov 30, 2018
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Company New Structure

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Reasons why my company is changing structure

Last month, the operation director and chief marketing officer drop by our office to understand how the branch operation works. As the result from the visit, they decide for a structure change. The announcement was made to us last week with immediate effect.   

Personally, I strong believe the structure changes was due to the internal factor. For the past 12 months, there is no progress in marketing, no profit or reduce on deficit with the ineffective management.

No one was expelled from the team. There are 2 colleagues had stepping in the boat for the sail.  The new structure had dedicated on new responsibility for the team. Timothy, no longer the lead for the operation. He will be focus dealing with business development services, getting more opportunity to the company. The lead goes to Felicia, the new GM. The new marketing manager will be Michael and I will be more focus controlling the operation team.

The new GM and MM is currently busy working out with new strategy plan to execute on 2019. They committed must produce with result to the management at the mid of the 2019.

Let see what are the plan came out from the team.

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