Thirty-something. Leo & still single. With a huge sense of humor, you can see people around him laugh non-stop. Crazy in food, you can see him nonstop eatting at work

My name is YingJian (赢剑), Malaysian born in July, 1981 at Kuala Lumpur. Still single at this moment and clearly understand that I am a gay too. I am out over my current status to my close friend and family too.

I brought up in a typical Chinese family. I am the family 2nd child with 1 brother on top and another sister below. Mother, still working at the age of 60’s. No intention of getting retired, she enjoys her work at this moment. Brother, own a business. He is good at earning money. .He wishes he can retire at the aged of ’40s. Me and My sister work as an operation personal in a different company. Not much talking to each other beside family gathering. Both of them are married, we usually will have a family gathering on weekend..


I completed my 12 years education system (primary and secondary school) in Chinese school. Not an outstanding student in term of academic but being overactive in co-curriculum.

Pre University in a branded college & completed my business in computing in another University College.


Nothing to shout about on my appearance. I am a man and I look like a man. Enjoy being myself & not tied with commitment. Enjoy talking among friends but he will be shaking when required to talk in public or on the stage. Even sometimes he cannot take it with bosses on serious discussion. You can hear laughter when I was around and not tired.